Hototogisu, established on 26th August of 2008, is a company currently operating and providing translation and interpreting services from Indonesia to the world. Our mission of becoming bridge between Indonesia, ASEAN, Japan and the world has become the foundation and the philosophy of this company.

We combine reliability, flexibility, efficiency, as well as professionalism to deliver affordable yet high quality work with our exceptional Indonesian, Japanese, English, as well as other language native speakers.



  • copy writing

  • interpretation

  • localization

  • proofreading

  • translation

  • Transliteration

  • Transcreation

  • subtitling


We believe communication is the most vital aspect of ensuring both of our client's and our expectation are met. Thus, understanding our workflow will help to guarantee of no miscommunication to occur. Our workflow is as follows:

1. Receive enquiry from client

Our clients can easily submit their requests with the copy of the files either by E-mail or online. If the said files is considerably large, a sample should suffice.

2. Analyze and calculation

Careful analysis of the client enquiry is a crucial step. Such action that will be taken in this step are:

3. Quotation creation

We establish the estimated cost by adjusting to the required resources. The quote may be negotiated.

4. Client approval

The project go-ahead is issued by the client followed by the purchase order.

5. Down payment

Payment method includes bank transfer or Paypal.

6. Start work!

Once the client has paid the down payment and all the requirements and conditions are clear. We will start translation and do several actions which are:

7. Finish and submit work

Finished translation is sent to client for examination.

8. Client evaluation and revision

The client may evaluate and request for revision if needed.

9. Client approval

After the client is content with the translation, the said translation will be approved by the client.

10. Final payment

The final payment could be paid via paypal or bank transfer.

11. Data & file submission

After the payment has been confirmed, data & files are sent using client's preferred method.




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NTT Data

HIS travel agency

Era property agent

International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer

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japan tourism agency



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Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 40135.